The Man of Armadon
Lap pun cheung illustration the man of armadon
The Man of Armadon

"He sat patiently waiting for his ship home. The war was long over and there was no more need for a battlemage.

The children ran around him, playing cheerfully amongst the crates and packages that were on their way to distant lands. As with all children they became curious, about his bright magi cloak, his silvery white hair, his purple eyes, but most of all they were fixated on the blue glow emanating from his hands. He lit up a conjuring, a small crackle as the butterflies flapped away, dissolving into a blue mist. Enchanted, the children burst out giggling with awe. The magic he had used to kill hundred on the battlefield, he had now turned to entertaining the innocent. He smiled softly.

Further down the docks, he heard the call for his ship. It was time to go. Armadon awaited his return."

Done for the Level Up contest 'The Man of Armadon'

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