ILM Art Department Challenge - The Job - Part 3 - Keyframe 2

Part 3 of 'The Job'

The Danji have established themselves as resourceful allies as they managed to prevent Threepio and R2-D2 from capture.

- Create a scene (one keyframe) where they are returning them to the new Rebel HQ on a cavernous planet called “Sookah”… Put some of your newly designed vehicles in the frame.
- Directors notes … This is where we first see the Danji. We can go a little more alien with this race. Keep the humanoid design. I love the scene in Helms Deep when the Elven reinforcements arrive. I really don’t want that though. This has to be new, different, and better.
- Include ONE SINGLE image you use for reference

After a lot of research I figured the 'Nocturne: The Arrival of the Fishing Fleet' by Petrus van Schendel.